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AM GCHB Loretta Labs White


Health Clearances:
OFA Hips Good - OFA Elbows Normal
Heart Echo Normal - Eyes Cleared Annually
Optigen Clear - EIC Clear
HNPK Clear - CNM Clear - MCD Clear
OFA Full Dentition
OFA Patellar Luxation
Dilute Free - Does Not Carry Chocolate
**View Pedigree Here**

Solely Owned By Beth & Jamie Quinn

Finished Championship With All Major Win at 14 Months Old!
Eukanuba Winners Dog At 9 Months Old.
Specialty Best In Sweeps Winner.
Multiple Group Placements
AM Bronze Grand Champion

2016 Royal Canin Award Of Excellence

2015 Eukanuba Best Of Breed Winner

2015 LRC Specialty Best Of Opposite Winner

2014 Eukanuba Winners Dog

Group 3 Win

Best Of Breed

Potomac Best Of Opposite Sex Sweeps

Potomac Sweeps Class Winner

Eukanuba - Slush starts at 20 Minute Mark